Hair Fair Portraits – Pt.2 Ison & Lamb

Hair Fair is running strong and it’s the talk of the town in SL, we’re all oh so cute in our new hairstyles, aren’t we?

Today I am showing you Ison and Lamb’s creations for Hair Fair, I decided to do a single post for both designers because they both have a musical theme in the names of the hair and I thought it was cute.

Lamb’s hairstyle names are song titles of one of my favourite bands, Depeche Mode, how could I not love this? Lamb Bellic always uses song titles or song reference for naming her hair. I can totally relate to that, I do the same with blog post titles!
Lamb’s hairdos are always modern and edgy, and impeccably released. My favourite of this batch is the short do which for some reason reminds me of Brianne of Game of Thrones.

Ison hairstyles instead are inspired by the singer Lorde, they are fierce and curly and frame the features in the most perfect way.
I love Harry Hyx’s sense of style in clothing design and impeccable mesh skills, and even when creating hair he doesn’t fail to deliver.

So, If you haven’t been to Hair Fair yet make sure you go to find more amazing hairstyles, and it’s for such a good cause as the charity Wigs for Kids receives a minimum of  15% up to a 100% on all the hair and bandanas sold during the 2 weeks of Hair Fair!
Here’s the Taxi to the amazingness!
If you want to read more about Hair Fair 2014 and find the direct slurls to each and every store, follow this link to the official blog!


Pic #1 – Lamb. Nothing – by Lamb Bellic
Pic #2 – Lamb. Sacred – by Lamb Bellic
Pic #3 – Lamb. Strangelove – by Lamb Bellic
Pic #4 – ISON – Bee – by Harry Hyx
Pic #5 – ISON – Diamond – by Harry Hyx
Pic #6 – ISON – Ruler – by Harry Hyx

Worn on all pictures:
Skin: -Glam Affair- Summer – by Aida Ewing
Dress: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Cruise Dress] – by Fashionboy Landar
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Solar Eyes II – Sea – by Soleil Reid
Poses: Ma Vie. – by Mavi Beck


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