Hair Fair Portraits – Pt.1 LeLutka

Hair Fair 2014 edition has finally open, this is probably THE most beloved and awaited event of SL; this year Hair Fair is hosted on 4 different sims and what’s new is that the booths are all placed on one side, which makes things a lot easier for the visitors, just follow the path and you’re set!
Hair is important but the charity benefiting from every single hair sale made during this event is more important still, and it’s what makes Hair Fair so special.  Wigs for Kids receives a minimum of  15% up to a 100% on all the hair and bandanas sold during the 2 weeks of Hair Fair, donation boxes are also available all around the sims, and every single L goes towards this incredible charity.

For more information on Hair Fair, including slurls to each and every store, make sure to check this link.

Today I am showing you the amazing designs of Thora Charron of LeLutka, whose skill in bending, twisting and curlying mesh into fantastic hairstyles  is unbelievable.
Ranging from romantic to the most stylish and modern styles, LeLutka brings to Hair Fair 4 brand new hairdos, plus an Indian-inspired bandana whose sales profits are  100% for Wigs for Kids.

[LeLutka]-CHRISTINE hair - IrishRed

[LeLutka]-CHARLENE hair - BlondeFun

[LeLutka]-COLLEEN hair - SummerFade

[LeLutka]-FRANCINE hair - BlondeFade

[LeLutka]-ZAHARA wrap

Hair Fair 2014 Logo with dates


Pic #1
[LeLutka]-CHRISTINE hair – IrishRed

Pic #2
[LeLutka]-CHARLENE hair – BlondeFun

Pic #3
[LeLutka]-COLLEEN hair – SummerFade

Pic #4
[LeLutka]-FRANCINE hair – BlondeFade

[LeLutka]-ZAHARA wrap

Worn on all pictures:
Skin: -Glam Affair- Summer – by Aida Ewing
Dress: Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Cruise Dress] – by Fashionboy Landar
Eyes: {Dead Apples} Solar Eyes II – Sea – by Soleil Reid
Poses: Ma Vie. – by Mavi Beck


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