Glam Affair Liv & Livy @ The Arcade Gacha

The Arcade Gacha’s June round is almost here, the sneak peeks I’ve seen are leaving me breathless, and most likely will leave me broke but it’s definitely worth it!

Aida Ewing’s -Glam Affair- will bring you not one but TWO (!!) new faces in its machine, the lovely Liv and Livy.

Liv and Livy come each in 10 different makeups, plus a clean version (the rare prize),  and in each box you will receive either Liv or Livy in 3 tones, India, Asia and Artic.
So, when you will play -Glam Affair- you will have 22 chances to win!!!
As usual with -Glam Affair- skins, each face comes with several different eyebrow options, in this case there’s 5 colors to pick, from blonde to dark, plus a no brow option.
Aida has also thought of a supersecret rare prize that will make your Liv and Livy even more kissable!

In the pictures I am showing all the makeups available for Livy and Liv, each one has its own character, they’re all colorful and fashionable, I can’t even pick my favourite, I love them all!

The Arcade Gacha opens June 1st, try your luck with Glam Affair’s Livy and Liv!

The pictures in this blogpost haven’t been edited, they’re just raw shots taken in world. To know which skin I am wearing exactly just hover over the pictures with the mouse!

The hair worn in the pictures is Tableau Vivant’s Valentin by M4ri1yn Magic.


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