A new event will be opening soon, called “Cutie Moon Fair”, and -Glam Affair will introduce here their new skin called Brandi.

The Fair theme takes its inspiration by the Sailor Moon anime and Brandi perfectly fits the style with her bold and colorful makeups; there’s six of them to choose from.

Brandi will be available in Artic, Asia, America and Jamaica tones, and you will be able to pick among 8 classic eyebrow colors (from blonde to black), and 5 pastel tone brows. A no brow option is also available in the pack.

On separate tattoo layers two extra nose shapes are available as well as 2 lipgloss styles and 12 lipstick colors.

Cutie Moon Fair will be open from April 1st to April 15th.
The hair worn in this blogpost is ~Tableau Vivant~ Moon hair , also available at Cutie Moon Fair


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