Miamai at Pose Fair 2012

Pose Fair 2012 will finally open its doors today at 12pm slt.
We are very excited to to be a part of the 120 stores involved in this amazing event.

Here’s a a sneak peek of the exclusive items you will be able to find only at the fair, we have prepared three new single poses sets, one of which comes with a free prop.  Then there’s 6 brand new and superfashionable editorial couple pose sets.

Did we forget to mention that all pose packs at the fair are at a reduced price? Well now you know!

But enough with words, here’s what you can expect from Miamai at Pose Fair 2012.

Single poses

Home is a set of 10 sitting poses, I thought it would be nice to add in there also a prop, completely free.
The chair is fully sculpted and each item except the base is color changeable, for tons of  combinations to suit your style and your mood.

Editorial couple poses


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