I haven’t been blogging much on here lately, a bit because of my posemaking that takes a lot of time, and a bit because of some other engagements, but I couldn’t possibly miss the chance to blog this week’s releases!

I get so excited when my favourite designers release new goodies, I immediately run to their stores and buy, I’m such a compulsive shopper  . Yesterday was a big day as LeeZu released a fantastic sculpted top, and Maitreya came out with a long awaited release of shoes AND clothes!

Leezu’s top is called Lourdes, as I mentioned before it’s fully sculpted and comes in black and white, it’s modifiable but there are 9 different sizes in each package so I believe you will be able to find the right size to fit you.

Maitreya hadn’t released anything new regarding clothes in months, and yesterday Onyx Leshelle put out the new spring release called “Underwear as Outerwear”. The title describes it perfectly of course, there’s jackets, skirts, dresses, and some smexy lingerie in a tons of colours so it’s so easy to mix and match!

Also a new addition to the Maitreya Gold footwear line was revealed yesterday. The Maitreya Gold Allure is a very fashionable high heeled sandal available in a wide variety of colours and styles. Allure is available bare as shown here, with very trendy low sock or with more classical thights. Both socks and tights can be changed via a touch menu while the skins in the bare version can be changed via the standard hud that we knew already from the previous “Gold” line shoes. Even more skins have been added to the notecard for the sockless shoes, so you can virtually wear any skin and you’ll find the perfect match! A new feature of the “Allure” line is a lagless script system, once you have copied the shoes and matched the skin, it is possible to delete the script inside, allowing you to walk more easily! Also, these shoes come with a viewer 2.0 ready version, so no more ugly invisible prims!

New and absolutely HOT is also &Bean’s new skin release, the stunning Hounds of Love Syphie, it is part of a trilogy available in 3 different versions each with a shape, normal or drawn in lashes as shown here, for a more dramatic look, I immediately fell in love with the kissable lips of this skin! This skin is only available at &Bean’s store at the newly reopened Trilogy sim.


Top: [LeeZu!] – Lourdes Sculpted Top black

Pants: Maitreya – Girdle & Stockings * Black (shown without stockings)

Panties: Maitreya – High-Waist Pants Black

Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Allure Black

Hair: Friday – Cassidy2 Happy Blond

Skin: &Bean – Syphie

Lashes: Kosh – NoAlpha Lashes 5

Bangle: marcopol Oh – My Bangle Lacroix

Earrings: [ glow ] studio – No round Earrings (only available @ The Dressing Room)

Poses…MINE! 😛 @ Miamai & @ Shisei


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