A passage in time

My 3rd rezday is only a couple of weeks away, and what better occasion than this to dig into my overly organized inventory and accept Sophia Harlow’s challenge?

I wanted to find something from my early noob days, but as I am a neatfreak I threw all the freebie stuff away long ago, so this is what I looked like circa June 2007. At the time I was the manager of some friends’ club, the Korova Milk Bar, which eventually became my own. My first “real” skin was Laura from Rac (now Laqroki), back then these skins were not sold singularly but only in fatpacks, and the fatpacks were SO expensive for me! But my friends Lixy and Nat convinced me to get it. And so I did, and this was my face for a very long time…yes, big eyes and surprised look included!

And this is me now. I no longer wear only black hair like I used to, but black clothing is a constant of my wardrobe, I do not deviate from it very often. My club has now been closed for almost a year and my main activity in SL is modelling. Oh, the surprised look is no longer there, but I am always the same girl 😛


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