Vampire Diva

Being a model in SL I am lucky to showcase the most glamourous outfits from the finest designers; and Avenue’s last show, the Halloween inspired Something Wicked is one of such events that I was proud to have been a part of.

Since Halloween near, and because I loved this outfit SO much here I am blogging all about it!

Vampire Diva 1

What impressed me of this great gown by Smooth Designs is its richness and the detail of the textures, fur, lace, brocade…as soon as I wore it it became an instant favourite!

Vampire Diva 2

The very gothic Rosenkavalier hat by Rozoregalia complete with a retro curly hairstyle is the perfect match for this dramatic outfit.

Vampire Diva 3


Dress: Smooth Designs ~ Dark Empress ~

Hat+Hair: Rozoregalia ~*ROSENKAVALIER* BLACKHAT&HAIR (darkolive) ~

Skin: []::Tuli::[] ~ Hope  (goth) natural (group gift) ~


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