Look of the day

I can’t believe at how lazy I have been with my blog lately! I promise to catch up with it a bit in the next few days, and while I take some pics here’s a look for today.

Look of the day

It’s a mix and match of free things and nice things and new things I got in the past week. My inventory is once again out of control, and I’ve been experimenting with different things.

This hairstyle is a fantastic freebie from Truth called Jess, it comes in every colour available and it is really amazing, it has instantly become one of my top 10 favourites!

The lovely necklace is Jupiter by Swallowtail, bracelets are a great subscribo gift from Royal Blue, and they come in 3 different shades. The top is by Whippet & Buck, it is so versatile and definitely something I would wear in RL so I had to grab it! The skirt is Berlin, an amazing and very flowy creation by Leezu, it comes in many other colours but I was missing a skirt like this in black, it has little white polka dots and is very very feminine.

Pixel Mode was having a 50L sales on everything this weekend, I must thank Voshie for the tip, I had never been to this store before and I was really surprised when I found amazing shoes, dresses…I filled my inventory with great things, the boots I am wearing here are Danielle, they come in so many fashionable colours and are definitely worth a try!



4 thoughts on “Look of the day

  1. Very nice outfit! I have that necklace too, and you rocked it on that shirt. I may steal the idea 🙂 -Those boots must be mine. I am also going to have to join Marni’s and get those bracelettes, they look great, and I am a bracelette/bangle ho.


  2. Oh I found Maviiiiiii <3333333333
    I didn't notice your blog, I'm so sorry!!!
    Love your photos and of couse cool styles ❤
    I visited Pixel Mode yesterday and spent too much Lindens LOL
    Of couse, I got the same boots as you got!!!
    Nice to see you here *hugs*


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