Through the looking glass.

Preface: I love glasses, especially big black glasses, both in RL and in SL. I like thick black frames and dark dark lenses so when I see a pair of glasses that correspond to these criteria, it is very hard for me not to purchase said item.
At the moment I am living on a budget, both RL and SL, the shitty economy is not helping me either, so I have to carefully think about what I spend on, in either world. I am not saying I am dirt poor but I want to be more considerate if I can.

So, last night after reading a blogpost I follow a teleport and go to this store. It’s a store I don’t think I have been to before, I look around and on a counter I see a pair of sunglasses. They have my name written on it. They cost 175L. It’s not much but it’s not little for me either these days. I try to distract myself, convincing myself not to get them, after all they don’t even have a demo, what if they are not good? I hate it when designers don’t put out demos for sunglasses…

After a lot of walking back and forth I do decide to get them, after all it’s all 3 shades in the pack!

So I wear them and to my great disappointment i get this that I am showing here below:


See? The thing is that I spent money that I don’t have for this, and what really irked me is that no later than a couple of weeks ago I bought some sunglasses for half the price (90L to be exact), that are sculpted AND have a hud that lets you change texture of frame and lenses. Such glasses are shown here below:


Is it me? Am I too naive? Or was I wrong expecting something better than this? I could have done  something like this myself, and it would have cost me 20L .

Sometimes SL is so disappointing…


6 thoughts on “Through the looking glass.

  1. aww. but, i think the first pair look quite nice on you! is the problem that they need to be resized but that they are no modify? if so, maybe you could contact the designer and recommend a resize script and request they put a copy in the glasses for you?


  2. The problem is that other than being not resizable, well they are but they can only be made BIGGER, they are not even well made. They’re just a flat texture, and the stems are not shaped right and not attached to the frame well :\
    I mean I am just comparing the two. The second pair costs half and it’s so well made. I was just very disappointed that’s all :P.


  3. I think those glasses were made way before sculpties existed. But I hear you. The flat texture glasses days should be over..and you can’t tell without demos!


  4. esame. noooo!! death to resize scripts. what a awful pandemic to hit the grid. Resizing things isn’t that hard and so much faster. did i say I HATE resize scripts? I don’t get it. If i could I would never buy any thing with resize scripts, but i am not that commited. grr out damn script.


  5. The idea with resize scripts is to be able to offer an item as no mod but still allow you to fit it individually. It can be a time-eater but I think in these days of texture ripping we are stuck with it and that overall it’s a good thing.

    But I strongly agree about the 2D textures on those shades – all fine at the right price. I would encourage designers to state on vendor boards if items are sculpted or full prim or whatever – ideally stating the number of prims. Demos do take time and use up additional prim allocation for store owners but better product disclosure can help overcome that.

    Thanks for this post, Mavi


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