Weird things happen on SL

When you thought that the story of the Fashion IN-Look institute couldn’t get any weirder…well yesterday I received an IM from Andrzej Makarov himself. At first I did not recognize him but after a minute or so I realized who he was and started playing stupid.
He smells fishy a million miles away and I wonder what he’s up to. My friend who will remain unnamed here told me that Andrzej was asking him how to build a runway…wasnt’ he a superbuilder? I teleported to the spot and all I found was a runway and some empty buildings…

— Instant message logging enabled —
[13:44] Andrzej Makarov: where is the biggest runway in sl?
[13:44] Mavi Beck: the biggest runway in SL?
[13:44] Mavi Beck: well usually runways are built and destroyed after the shows
[13:45] Mavi Beck: there is a pretty big one at the patch thibaud auditorium but i wouldn’t call it your typical runway
[13:45] Andrzej Makarov: i mean the one from Mimi
[13:45] Mavi Beck: who are you btw?
[13:45] Mavi Beck: do I know you?
[13:45] Andrzej Makarov: no
[13:45] Mavi Beck: how did you get my name?
[13:45] Andrzej Makarov: i mean Boulevard
[13:45] Andrzej Makarov: thnx
[13:46] Mavi Beck: I am sorry
[13:46] Mavi Beck: you make no sense to me
[13:46] Mavi Beck: can you please clarify?
[13:46] Mavi Beck: you mean to copy that runway? i know who you are
[13:47] Andrzej Makarov: lol
[13:47] Andrzej Makarov: i got my own runway
[13:47] Andrzej Makarov: i dont need to copy one
[13:47] Andrzej Makarov: lol
[13:47] Mavi Beck: then why don’t you answer my questions?
[13:47] Andrzej Makarov: because iam busy
[13:47] Mavi Beck: why did you contact me
[13:47] Mavi Beck: and where did you get my name!
[13:47] Mavi Beck: oh I am busy too
[13:47] Mavi Beck: but i am taking time to talk to you
[13:48] Mavi Beck: then why do you need to know?
[13:48] Andrzej Makarov: i forget it
[13:48] Mavi Beck: HUH?
[13:50] Mavi Beck: ok
[13:50] Mavi Beck: you are plain rude you know that?
[13:50] Andrzej Makarov: ok sorry
[13:50] Andrzej Makarov: C*** did send me to you
[13:50] Mavi Beck: C**** R****?
[13:50] Andrzej Makarov: yes
[13:51] Andrzej Makarov: My name is Andrzej Makarov from Fashion In-Look
[13:51] Andrzej Makarov: one of the biggest runway in sl
[13:51] Mavi Beck: what do you mean by runway?
[13:51] Mavi Beck: you mean Agency maybe?
[13:51] Andrzej Makarov: agency
[13:52] Mavi Beck: LOL
[13:52] Mavi Beck:
[13:52] Mavi Beck: i know your agency
[13:52] Mavi Beck: you have just started
[13:52] Mavi Beck: and the owner left with the money from the sponsors
[13:52] Mavi Beck: how can you say you are one of the biggest agencies in SL?
[13:52] Andrzej Makarov: we are soon
[13:52] Mavi Beck: how?
[13:52] Andrzej Makarov: just take care and watch ^^ more i cant say
[13:52] Mavi Beck: you reputation is already ruined
[13:53] Mavi Beck: all designers know about you
[13:53] Andrzej Makarov: oww really
[13:53] Mavi Beck: yeah really
[13:53] Andrzej Makarov: then armidi jcny emery etc are stupid
[13:53] Andrzej Makarov: ?
[13:53] Mavi Beck: well i will believe it when i see it
[13:54] Mavi Beck: and i never called anybody stupid
[13:54] Andrzej Makarov: ok
[13:54] Andrzej Makarov: Mavi i know the other owners are peep
[13:54] Andrzej Makarov: thats really true,
[13:54] Mavi Beck: peep?
[13:54] Andrzej Makarov: But iam a very kind men
[13:54] Andrzej Makarov: and i will solve the problems
[13:54] Mavi Beck: sorry i don’t know hat peep mean
[13:54] Andrzej Makarov: Nika and westwind are ass
[13:55] Andrzej Makarov: its hard but true,l
[13:55] Mavi Beck: how do you mean they are ass?
[13:55] Andrzej Makarov: lol\
[13:55] Andrzej Makarov: Nika is awful
[13:55] Andrzej Makarov: But iam the only owner atm
[13:56] Andrzej Makarov: \and you can believe and trusth me
[13:56] Mavi Beck: well i don’t know you much at all
[13:56] Andrzej Makarov: and everybody will hear that
[13:56] Andrzej Makarov: check that LM later, but use it with the normal rules/
[13:56] Mavi Beck: what do you mean with the normal rules?
[13:57] Andrzej Makarov: i mean dont teleport people who dont care
[13:57] Mavi Beck: oh ok
[13:57] Mavi Beck: np about that
[13:57] Mavi Beck: but
[13:57] Mavi Beck: may i ask why
[13:57] Mavi Beck: if you know the fashin industry so well
[13:58] Mavi Beck: you needed a simple model to tell you where the biggest agency is?
[13:58] Andrzej Makarov: why , because its not open uet
[13:58] Andrzej Makarov: yet
[13:58] Andrzej Makarov: The 10th may 2009 ๐Ÿ™‚ Fashion In-Look Insitute will make its first event: a runway show! More informations about that will be announce soon so Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚
[13:58] Andrzej Makarov: i need to go now
[13:58] Mavi Beck: ok bye
[13:58] Andrzej Makarov: goodnight and bye
[13:58] Mavi Beck: thank you for NOT answering my question btw
[13:58] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.


15 thoughts on “Weird things happen on SL

  1. Gosh! I don’t know this person but I know of one extremely rude owner from a modelling agency. That’s the reason why many people gotta be careful when it comes to joining an agency.
    And there are only 2 types of modelling agency owners – The extremely nice one AND the FRAUD.
    Anyway thanks for sharing us the information.


  2. people.

    First Mavi you cant set my respond online on internet.
    But Fashion-in-look is a agency I just asked you the Landmark to BOSL Because a friend told to me that i need to IM you so i did. I think this is a Mistake.


  3. I do not understand why people make drama about this.
    I did only asked for a landmark to the agency ( BOSL )
    I do not understand why people react like this.
    And I do not think you can set IM’s like this on the internet it is just Rude and very poor.
    You should not believe everything what people are saying.
    Most of them just like to destroy.
    Its very sad.

    Best regards.


  4. Dear Andrzej, sorry to inform you that pasting SL chats outside SL is allowed by the TOS, you can’t do that inworld but here I can.
    What really surprised me is your arrogance, the know it all attitude that you also demonstrated last night in our conversation, when I demonstrated your ignorance about the fashion world you stopped talking to me. Hmm…
    Just one suggestion, modesty sometimes is the best behaviour.


  5. Well i fell for it. Fashion in Look, held a show for my business. Which hasn’t been that bad, except for the lag. BUT after 1,5 month of argueing, they don’t taking care of the agreements that they made. If I may advice you: don’t do business with this organisation.


    • I am sorry to say this but I could see this coming. There are many well respected, well established agencies out there, and I am afraid this is not one of them…


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