Retiring Ewan – Belleza Skin

I am very happy to be guest blogging on Mavi’s blog today. Today I am going to discuss one of the hottest skins to hit Second Life in
a very long time. The newest skin named “Mathieu” from Belleza Skins.

Most of us will agree that while we change clothes repeatedly in SL  and that most of us have a virtual closet bursting at the seams, the majority of us take a different approach to Skins. For one thing obviously they are far more expensive than most clothes that you can buy on the grid. But more importantly than clothes, skins are more intimate. They are something that we almost never take off, they become a part of us, they define us, and so most of us find a skin and stick with it for months if not years.

I fall into this catagory and for me to change a skin it has to be something truly special.  About 8 months ago I was dropped
a skin simply titled “Ewan 6-E” for a skin show that I was doing. Little did I know that my first experience with Belleza skins was going to be mind blowing! That skin instantly became my favourite and I was truly loathe to take it off when asked by clients. I have bought several skins since that day but none of them have lasted more than a few minutes before I reverted back to the Ewan skin. That is until now!

I was given the skin Mathieu to review and blog a few days ago, and after trial and error have settled on the skin tone and facial hair
combination that I feel suits my shape the best. And I believe I will finally be able to retire “Ewan” to the back of my virtual closet!

The Mathieu skin comes in four distinct skin tones. Pale, Medium, Tan and SK.


The most amazing thing about Belleza skins has always been their attention to detail. And once again Tricky Boucher doesn’t fail to impress. The skin on the body has great shading which doesn’t distort when twisting and  contorting your avie into various shapes. The musculature of both upper body and lower body are well defined.


But I believe the major selling point of this skin has got to be the incredble detail that has been given to the face. From freckles the lines around the eyes to the life like fuzz that adorns your chin, Mathieu has it all.


I wonder how long it will be before I can retire Mathieu to the back of my virtual closet? I believe that may be a question that can only be answered by Tricky Boucher.

Jarl Soderstrom


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