I”ve had these pictures on my disk  for quite some time, but I was unsure whether to blog something that’s not been released yet. I gave it some thought and I decided to go for it, because this dress is too amazing to be kept hidden.


Triangle Caudron, the designer behind the brand Ghost! has released this new outfit, which I really hope she will put on sale soon. I have always been a fan of Triangle’s work, she’s one of my favourite designers on the grid, I love her sense of style, the clean lines and how she can render a simple black dress so not boring. This outfit, Helia, is the perfect example of what I mean, Tri’s creations are real pices of art and simply to die for.


I took these pictures at Costa Rica Events Sim, it was decorated in Winter Japanese style for the Christmas party organized by Kmadd, unfortunately it was a temporary installment, but it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen inworld.


The song that I have picked as “soundtrack” to this post is by a band from NYC called Cruel Black Dove, they are not well known, but they have quickly become one of my favourites. I have found them by accident on Myspace a year or so ago, their sound is really sexy and dark please check out their new single, Offer. If you like PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Nick Cave, Blonde Redhead, Curve, Massive Attack…you won’t regret it.


Skin: MMS/Lelutka – London Light

Hair: MMS/Lelutka – Aradia Charcoal

Dress: Triangle Caudron – Helia

Shoes: Maitreya – Verve Patent Black


3 thoughts on “Offer

  1. Yesh, you and Heli have been showing off this dress and driving the rest of us up the wall. 😛 Perhaps all the posts about the dress will get Triangle to finally release, eh?


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