Sometimes inspiration comes when you less expect it, like today.

I stumbled upon this greatly designed lounge called Flashbox Studios and I couldn’t resist taking some pictures.


The outfit is something you can see me wearing normally, especially after a big show feel the  need to dress down, and…surprise! No black! 🙂


I am a true dork, Cookie Monster is one of my favourite fictional characters of all times, and here is me caught in one of my moments. When I hear a really good song I just can’t hold myself and I must dance dance dance to the radio!


Skin: MMS – London Makeup6

Hair: 0 Style – CSR’s Hair (Black Cherry)*

Shoes: [SVRLY Ltd] – Chux by Maruko Sakigake

Socks: Corduroy – Argyle socks (blood red)

Skirt: Muism – [Tartan Buckle Skirt] Donald

T-shirt: *No Mercy* – Cookie Monster

Headphones: Vintage female HeadPhones


Flashbox Studios


Joy Division – Transmission

* For more info on CSR 2008 Winter go here, there are some amazing prizes to collect!


One thought on “Transmission

  1. Very cute, Mavi! I love how the poofy-style goes around the headphones- it reminds me of something that I would see with real people in my area. In fact, the casual outfit with its hint of grunge really reminds me of the local Seattle charms. Great location to tie things together, as well; again, it looks like a coffee shop I might actually stumble upon.


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